Sheffield Party Disco

Birthdays, anniversaries, end of exams - we love any excuse for a party and our party disco service makes parties you'll remember.  (You might have some trouble remembering in the morning but don't worry - it'll come back to you!)

Themed Parties

If you're looking for a chance to dress up try one of our themed party disco packages, James Bond, Rocky Horror, 70s glam rock,  - hey even 60s and rock n roll if you go that far back (we won't tell).

It's one thing to download a 70s play list but it's another to understand what it all means and to know the difference between good glam and... well... Gary Glitter!  We've been in the party disco business a little while now and, tho we sometimes don't like to admit it, some of us remember strutting our stuff in stack heels and big collars the first time round!  We'll make sure your themed party disco is bang on target and authentic. 

Your Party

Maybe not on such a grand scale as a wedding reception but your party is your party (and you can cry if you want to).  Tell us what you from your party disco and we'll make it happen - musically at least.

Energy is great but every now and again you'll need to get your breath back.  We can entertain you for a while or play some slow smoochy stuff, and then, when you're ready, push the sliders all the way up and let the party rip again.

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